Studio SHAYNE is a jewelry line created from the inspiration of a hero’s journey. Hero or heroine, our pieces are for the ones who possess great bravery and seek to carry out noble and extraordinary deeds. To be victorious on your journey is to be transformed through it.

Our jewelry is designed to speak to you on your adventure- to be a guide and testament to your inner light and power. Each one is a composition reflecting elements found along the path to your achievement.

Studio SHAYNE is eponymous of the NYC based designer and artist Shayne Meyer. Growing up in Arizona, Shayne's designs often speak to the desert where she was raised: a place of formless wind, sand and stars. Her philosophy is to create jewelry that is made to last and treasure: slowly made, signature pieces for living with.    

The studio creates miniature masterpieces by combining the newest frontier of 3D technology and foremost artistry. All of our jewelry is designed in accordance to the golden ratio, or in collaboration with other young contemporary artists. Studio SHAYNE debuted in 2021 with the collection ‘SHAYNE x SABRY’ in collaboration with Egyptian artist Yousef Sabry.

The studio values a collaborative design process and seeks to work with other artists as much as possible. Each piece is made by hand in small quantities by deeply valued friends in New York City and Phoenix, Arizona. Our commitment to sustainability is through producing only what is necessary, using recycled materials as much as possible, and by working with conflict-free production houses. All of our gemstones are certified conflict free, or lab grown.