“The talisman chooses you- just as you choose it.”

Our collections are created from ancient stories and symbolism found in the natural world. The magical elements in our jewelry empower the wearer to feel closer to their body’s divine energy, aiding their journey of self-discovery. We believe in the true power of jewelry- that our objects are sacred heirlooms, charged with a protective energy. Few things we wear become as one with our skin as the jewels we carefully put on every day as a ritual of dress.


We endeavor to create sacred objects through our design process. All of our jewelry is designed in accordance to the golden ratio, with true and pure materials. Our jewelry is meticulously crafted as lasting treasures, designed to accompany you on your adventure and illuminate your inner light and strength.


The studio consists of a small team of people who are dedicated to propelling its artistic vision.

Our production takes place locally at the historic Diamond District in New York City. We work with master jewelers who are deeply knowledgeable of the ancient craft of jewelry making. 


Studio Shayne is the namesake fine jewelry line of artist and designer, Shayne Meyer. Shayne's designs are influenced by her upbringing in the Arizona desert, evoking the ethereal qualities of wind, sand, and stars. She studied metalsmithing and sculpture at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and The University of New South Wales. After graduating she began her career as a jewelry designer in New York City, designing for some of the most important jewelry brands in the industry: from the titan David Yurman to the start-up Ana Luisa.