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The Superposition Earrings consist of a pair of baguette-shaped stones resting atop one another in a specially crafted bezel. They feature a comfortable post with included backs. 14k gold and your choice of diamonds, emerald, or white topaz. 



Superposition is a theory in quantum physics in which electrons are always spinning. This spinning means they are positively and negatively charged at the same time (much like spinning a coin on a table- is it heads or tails while spinning?) Thus, the charge of an electron can only be known if we stop the spinning. This thought experiment teaches us the world isn't binary- its one of multiple states and many ways to exist. 



Diamonds are natural, VS quality diamonds. 

Our White Topaz is 'fine' quality: possessing excellency in cut and proportion to maximize sparkle and brilliancy. 

Emeralds are natural, 'A' quality with great brilliance and cut.

Measurements:  7 mm in height.

Made to order- please allow 3 weeks for production before shipping. 

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